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This is 'Liselle'.  I named the products after her because I liked her name better with 'lotions' than my name, Sheila. (More about the animals, rescue and farm at the bottom) The creams were created to heal my severely sun damaged skin.  As early as my 30's, my skin was so dried out from sunbathing, no tone, no elasticity, that it literally hung from my face and neck.  Especially the neck.  It was embarrassing and I seldom went anywhere without a turtleneck.  I tried everything that I could find.  I ate organically and was appalled at some of the ingredients, even in the best rated, most expensive brands.  In my mid-thirties, I took a year off and lived in southern France, studying cooking, language and the French way of life.  It was there that I found some of the best natural, local, creams.  They were the most effective at brightening, tightening, toning the skin.  Plus, I loved the texture and feel of these creams.  My creams are very similar in texture and feel of these creams from France.  They make your skin feel good, as well as look good, using only natural, organic ingredients.  Now, 35 years later, my skin is firmer, tighter, less deep wrinkles and no more crepe-y neck skin.  However, I am in my late 60's and no cream will make you look like you are 20.   Look the best for your age.


I had steam burned my left arm from wrist to elbow on my home press Espresso machine when the top blew off.  If you have ever seen a bad steam burn, it is ugly, raised, bumpy, very red scar tissue.  Back then they scrubbed it with a stiff brush & antibiotics to prevent infection which made the scar even worse.  It was a severe burn and you could literally notice it from across a room.  Today there is only about an inch of slight scarring left after using the Organic Moisture Cream for several years.  You need a microscope to see it.  I have many customers who use the cream to heal skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and other bad skin irritations that have sent them to several dermatologists without results.  The cream works. 


The moisture cream works for many skin problems but its main use is to firm, tighten and give a more youthful appearance to the face neck and hands.  It works for all ages, the very young to the very old.  The sooner that you start taking care of your skin, in a natural, organic way, the healthier your skin will be for life.  It's never too late to start to see good results.


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                                              The lotions support the farm animal sanctuary, 30% or more of the profits are used to support animal rescue                                                      and  foster care on my farm. No animal is turned away, those with physical or behavioral problems live out their                                                remaining days on the farm.  When you purchase any product, you are helping these animals.  The products                                                      were not designed for pet use, but are safe for pets since they are made from organic food grade ingredients.  It                                                doesn't matter if they lick them, they are food.  I had one lady who purchased a refill of the large moisture cream                                                for herself, but left the top off when she went home and her dog ate the whole jar.  I asked her if he was ok and                                                  she laughed and said"yes, he's the shiniest dog that you have ever seen".  The products are just as effective on                                                animals as they are on people.  The Organic Moisture Cream is so healing that I use it as a first aid cream on the farm, for myself and all the animals.  One dog lost his nose to cancer but wouldn't let his owner put the Vet cream on, it stung, but he let her use the moisture cream and it helped him.  Its good for ;large problems as well as small. Its great for winter cracking for paws, soothing and healing bug bites in summer and many other uses.  Most times I have about 100 animals undergoing rehabilitation or training so that they can get into adoption centers and find a new permanent home.  I am full.

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